Refunds Policy And Procedure

Refunds Policy And Procedure


To ensure that students and staff are fully aware of the way in which student fees and refunds are to be handled, the following is Victoria Wide First Aid’s policy and procedures on processing fees and refund requests.


The policy information is transparent and ensures that all students are treated fairly and with integrity when applying for refunds. They are designed to ensure that Victoria Wide First Aid complies with the requirements of ASQA and the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 in relation to the refund of fees paid by our clients.

We advise that Victoria Wide First Aid abides by the Consumer Protection legislation and will at all times respect each Student’s consumer rights. Refer to:

Cooling-Off Period: A ‘10 business day cooling-off period’ under the Australian Consumer Law does not apply where a Student of their own initiative approaches the RTO and while being fully aware of the RTO’s ‘Terms & Conditions’ books into a course.

If a Student was directly approached (face to face or via phone) by a training provider or a marketer, signed up on the spot and required to pay for the course upfront, then the ‘10 business day cooling-off period’ would apply.

Payment Facilities: For public (community) bookings payments can only be made by credit card (MasterCard & Visa only). For account clients, payment can made by credit card (MasterCard & Visa only) cheque or by electronic funds transfer (EFT) within trading terms. Payment will be considered to have been received once funds have cleared Victoria Wide First Aid’s bank account.

Fees and Charges: Upon receipt of your payment you will be issued with an electronic receipt and a confirmation email from our website verifying that you are aware you are enrolled.

Application: All Students will indicate upon enrolment into any qualification or unit of competency that they have read, understood and have accepted these terms.

Refunds: We do not permit a refund of course fees once a booking has been made. All refund requests are to be processed within five (5) days of the application being received and to be signed and approved by Victoria Wide First Aid. All refund requests must be submitted in writing.

A refund will only be paid if:

  • You have overpaid the fee. The amount to be refunded or remain on your file as a credit valid for 12 months from the original course date.
  • You have enrolled into an incorrect training course and you wish to transfer to the appropriate training and assessment sessions. The fee difference will be refunded or charged.
  • You have enrolled in a course that has been cancelled by Victoria Wide First Aid (Option to reschedule available). This excludes cancellations due to force majeure events.
  • The trainer/assessor has established that a reasonable adjustment cannot be made to student’s language, literacy and numeracy requirements. (full refund provided)

A refund will not be provided if:

  • The student has previously rebooked their face to face training
  • The student has departed the course prior to course completion, students are not eligible for refund however may rebook to alternative day. A rebooking fee will be applied.
  • The Student does not attend the course
  • The Student fails to complete the course by cancelling or withdrawing their enrolment from scheduled training and assessment sessions on the day of the course
  • The student has requested a refund after they have attended and completed the course.
  • The Student had failed to pay the course fees

Rebooking: All rebooking requests must be requested at least two (2) days prior to the course date. Students who rebook their course to an alternative day have twelve (12) months from the original course date to complete their training. Students who are not able to complete their training within twelve (12) months will forfeit original fees paid. Rebooking fee must be paid prior to the course being rescheduled.

  • Departs the course before course completion
  • Requests to rebook their course, a rebooking fee will be applied each time the course is rescheduled. The student has twelve (12) months from the original course date to complete their course.
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